The songs on my album "Ev'ry Penny"(or the entire album) are now available for free download at this website by clicking the "MUSIC" tab.  Each of the songs on the album was composed, published, and produced by me as a wedding gift for my daughter Carly Seymour and her fiancée Adam Richards on the occasion of their wedding on October 21, 2017 in the Hill Country of Texas.  Four of the songs are new versions of songs that I had written over decades of hobby songwriting. Three are new songs that I wrote in 2016-17 specifically inspired by the wedding.  All of these songs were recorded from the summer of 2016 through the fall of 2017 at Charleston Sound studio in South Carolina and Cactus Country studio in Texas, with the dedicated assistance of a talented crew of "A List" musicians.  (See the PHOTOS tab).  The songs were skillfully engineered by Eric Stair in Charleston (assisted by Mike DalBallo) and by Tony Franckowiak in San Antonio.  Matt Thompson, in addition to playing bass, served in the unofficial (but invaluable) role as my Music Director. 

The CrewRoss Bogan keyboards; Wes Powers drums; Matt Thompson bass; Mario Valenta guitar; Charlie Thompson pedal steel; Tadd Huff banjo; Derek Deakins fiddle; Russ Clarke sax (and vocal on "Ev'ry Penny"); Brenda Franckowiak (vocal); and my five-decade friend Dan Berger who provided an unforgettable experience laying the vocal tracks for "Sisterdale Boots," Nobody but You," and "Texas Saturday Night."  And at the insistence of The Crew, I even coaxed a few measures out of my own arthritic fingers, for a brief piano lick at the end of "Ev'ry Penny" and some digital string background on "He's a Star" and "Old Town."  You will note that four of the songs are available also as instrumental versions, featuring Ross (piano) and Russ (sax) on "Ev'ry Penny;" Derek (fiddle) on "Sisterdale Boots" and "Old Town;" and Russ (sax) on "Nobody but You." 

If you enjoy listening to this "comfort music" as much as I enjoyed creating it, give someone you love an extra hug and remember that Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. 

          Don Seymour, Seabrook Island, South Carolina, 2017 

All songs are (c) Don Seymour 2017 with all rights reserved and cannot be dowmnloaded or used for any purpose other than personal use without the express consent of the copyright owner.